You need an edge when it comes to meeting customer expectations and experience standards in the digital age. We provide it with “superior access” to a fast and cost-effective solution for the products and tools you need today.

Flexible membership plans support both personal and commercial lines and let you select the level of access and features that are right for your agency.

Our Plans

All Superior Access membership plans are product-rich to help you provide your customers with complete protection. Meet more needs and sell more products with our robust market network and enhanced tools to ensure you provide the fast, efficient service your customers expect in today’s digitally-enabled environment.

Industry-leading features simplify your business operations and support customer acquisition and revenue growth:

  • checkedKnowledgeable agency support services staff dedicated to answering your questions and helping you achieve your goals
  • checkedNo broker fees or volume requirements and you own your book of business
  • checkedFlexible payment agreements and no contract
  • checkedNo penalties if you need to move your book of business
  • checkedAnd did we say industry leading commissions to ensure you’re able to continue growing your business into the future?

We lead the industry in commissions with fast, efficient payouts.


* Commissions vary by carrier, state and line of business *

All Access Plan

It’s simple. Just enter customers’ information into one application and gain access to a robust selection of personal and commercial products as well as your own appointments for select carriers. All Access is specifically designed to help you meet more of your customers’ needs, more often.

All Access puts you in control of your revenue growth and agency performance.

All Access Features:

  • checkedSimple login from any device delivers the personal and commercial lines products you need anytime, anywhere.
  • checkedOne single, streamlined application is all it takes to quote and compare multiple carriers from the market network as well as your own appointments for select carriers, cutting quote times for improved customer satisfaction.
  • checkedQuickly find the coverages—and the rates—your customers want with easy side-by-side comparisons of products from multiple carriers.
  • checkedMeet customer demands for digital options with the direct access “Quote Button”—customers research rates from the market network, as well as your own appointments for select carriers straight from your website, on their own time then return to you to seal the deal.
  • checkedElectronic quote requests are automatically queued to the next available underwriter or sent directly to your appointed carriers’ underwriter, ensuring your policies are bound and issued with haste.
  • checkedFor those times when fast isn’t fast enough, use our expedite service for priority processing.
  • checkedEnhanced agency management system logs and prioritizes leads, including those originating online, and alerts you to follow-up opportunities—providing everything you need to know in order to strengthen customer relationships, capitalize on new leads and grow your business.
  • checkedWith top commissions and fast pay-outs, you’ll see revenues climb at the speed of digital.
  • checkedCustom built agency website included at no additional cost!

Superior Plan

Deliver on all of your customers’ expectations. With a robust market network of product options and convenient online quoting right from your website, your customers have no need to go anywhere.

Superior Plan Features:

  • checkedWith Superior Access’ single quoting application, a few details are all you need to receive illustrative, side-by-side comparisons from our market network carriers—no direct appointments necessary.
  • checkedElectronic quote handling ensures that your quote is rapidly advanced through our fast-moving underwriting queue, and for those customers who want it now, we offer an even faster expedite service to give your quote priority processing.
  • checkedWith Superior Access’ white-labelled direct access “Quote Button”, customers use your website as a gateway to the market network where they can quote the exact products they need.
  • checkedAll leads are logged and prioritized for simple follow-up through our agency management system. With clear visibility into customer interactions across channels, you can quickly and decisively secure the best policies for your customers’ needs.
  • checkedWhen it comes to growing your business, we’re on your side. With industry-leading commissions and fast payouts, you’ll rapidly watch your revenues climb.

Select Plan

Get the products your customers need, without securing direct appointments, and quickly grow your customer base with industry leading tools and fast, fair commissions.

Select Plan Features:

  • checkedDeliver the fast, efficient quoting your customers expect with our single quoting application to provide multiple, side-by-side comparisons from top carriers—no direct appointments necessary.
  • checkedQuotes are handled electronically, ensuring you the next spot in our rapidly-moving underwriting queue.
  • checkedWhen your customers want even faster service, we make available our expedite service, allowing you to prioritize your request.
  • checkedSuperior Access’ white-labelled direct access “Quote Button” lets customers research and compare coverage from the market network right from your website.
  • checkedAgency management tools simplify customer engagement by prioritizing follow up and providing complete cross-channel visibility.
  • checkedWith fast, fair commissions, you’ll see industry-leading revenue growth in no time.

Membership Plans FAQs

An agency management system can vary in cost depending on factors such as the size of your agency and features you require, but you can typically expect to pay anywhere from $500 – $5,000 for startup fees along with $50 – $500 in monthly recurring fees.

All insurance agency management systems have their pros and cons, but with Superior Access, you gain the ability to store, prioritize, and manage your leads, quotes and customer information all directly inside our online platform. Plus, our national network of carriers covering personal and commercial lines enables our agents to process business faster than ever and get back to focusing on selling insurance.

Superior Access offers some of the highest commissions in the industry, with plans that allow our agents to earn up to 13% on new business. Our average time for commission payout is 46 to 60 days from the date the policy is issued. Actual commissions may vary by carrier, account, line of business or state.

With Superior Access there are never any volume requirements or broker fees. You own your book and write business at the pace that you set for yourself. Our goal is to provide you with the an all-in-one insurance software solution and to help you grow your business.

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