Millennials: Advantages of becoming an Independent Insurance Agent

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    Millennials are the most entrepreneurially focused generation, as more millennials are focused on starting their own business rather than working a standard 9 to 5 job. Many of them want the freedom to be their own boss and make their own hours, while being able to deliver satisfactory products that will help others live better. While many consider an entrepreneurial adventure to be creating a new and innovative product, there are often other options. One of those options is becoming an Independent Insurance Agent.

    Being an Independent Insurance Agent allows you to fulfill your entrepreneurial drive. You are your own boss and set your own style, a perk that many millennials are seeking. You work independently and are flexible with work in order to keep a good life-work balance. As well as fulfilling an entrepreneurial drive, you are paid directly for your actions. This allows you to get the satisfactory feeling of being rewarded for your hard work.

    As an Independent Insurance Agent, you won’t be directly tied to an insurance company like captive insurance agent are. Instead, you have access to multiple insurance companies in order to get your customers the best quotes. That also allows you to choose which companies you would like to work with to provide quotes. Working with multiple companies allows you to gather information from them all, giving you the ability to become very knowledgeable about the insurance field.

    Your customers will be just that – your customers.  You have the opportunity to connect with them and build relationships in order to give your customers exactly what they need for the best price. Many millennials consider the ability to help others important in their job responsibilities. Independent insurance agents can help others by providing quality services to their customers.

    There are many advantages for millennials becoming Independent Insurance Agents; creating your own schedule and being independent, fulfilling an entrepreneurial drive, a sense of freedom, and the ability to help others be protected from life’s mishaps. What more could a young adult want in their career?


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