Mobile Devices Should Have Big Impact on Auto Insurance Industry

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  • Over the last few years, a large and ever-growing number of sectors have been changed significantly by the widening availability and ubiquity of mobile devices and applications. The auto insurance industry is certainly no different, and that’s a trend that’s expected to continue into 2015 and beyond. For these reasons, insurance agents might want to start doing a little bit more to familiarize themselves with the ways in which they might be able to use mobile accessibility to their advantage in the coming year.

    One of the things that insurance agents might be able to provide most when dealing with mobile devices and tools is simply quicker service, according to a report from Insurance Tech. That’s because companies are rolling out more options to help their employees in the field that can expedite processing from more or less anywhere, without necessitating that an agent be sitting at a computer in an office. This can also serve to improve the amount of time agents are actually working, rather than driving back and forth from a claim site. 

    Helping on the consumer end as well
    In fact, that kind of additional flexibility can also be helpful for consumers when they need to file claims in the first place, the report said. Using their insurance company’s app, they might be able to submit all the necessary information without having to make a lengthy phone call, so that the process of evaluating all aspects of the claim can begin as quickly as possible.

    The more insurance companies can do in these regards in the coming year, the better off they’re likely to be on both ends of a claim situation, the report said. That, in turn, may speed up the turnaround time when it comes to getting a client’s situations resolved and helping them to put the incident behind them.

    The more agents can do to help their clients by using the various mobile tools at their disposal, the better off both sides of the relationship are likely to be. That’s because consumers generally like to receive high-quality customer service so much that it typically outranks the ability to receive the occasional discount on their coverage as a result of an agent finding them some assistance. Consequently, if agents can both help cut clients’ costs and improve the relationship overall, they may be able to maximize both their customer satisfaction ratings and their retention rates.