Most Drivers Don’t Know About Auto Insurance Discounts

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  • These days, millions of Americans may be constantly on the lookout for ways they can reduce their monthly insurance costs overall, and this might be a particular concern for their auto coverage. However, the fact of the matter is that they may be eligible for a wide swath of discounts from their providers without even knowing about it, and for this reason, it might be wise for insurance agents to help their clients find all the price breaks for which they might qualify.

    The simple reality these days is the competition in the auto insurance industry is pretty significant, so companies are always looking for ways to attract new clients through greater discount opportunities, according to a report from Consumer Affairs. However, it seems that despite the many options that may be available to them, consumers simply don’t know about everything that might be offered, even through their current providers. Moreover, in many cases they may be able to routinely find new ones as well.

    “Discounts are one of the ways insurers try to win business and separate themselves from the pack,” Doug Whiteman, an insurance analyst for Bankrate, told the site. “And it seems they’re coming up with new and more creative discounts all the time.”

    What leads to big discounts?
    One of the biggest things consumers can do to make sure they’re getting as many discounts as possible – not surprisingly – is to maintain a safe driving record, the report said. That means no accidents, no moving violations, and so on. However, consumers might also be able to find discounts for buying newer cars (those that are less than three years old, in particular), or those that have additional safety features such as daytime running lights. For those who are in high school or college, even having good grades could help cut their costs.

    While these discounts could allow consumers to save large amounts of money on their auto insurance every month, it’s further important to note that the most successful insurance agents also tend to go beyond that. For instance, studies show that people actually care more about their agent’s ability to provide them with good customer service, rather than simply finding them ways to save a little bit of money. As such, it might be wise for agents to more routinely reach out to clients to discuss many issues related to their coverage.