New Pay-As-You-Go Auto Insurance Comes to California

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  • The past several years have seen many Americans begin to bemoan the fact that they pay a lot of money for their various types of insurance coverage, and in many cases their concerns are at least somewhat valid. That means many have likely started looking around for new coverage types, and it seems a larger number of insurers may be willing to step up and accommodate them. Insurance agents might want to keep apprised of all the emerging options consumers may have in the market going forward, so that they can better deal with curious customers who might be thinking about making a switch in coverage.

    In California, drivers will soon have the ability to sign up for an insurance service that charges them for coverage based on exactly how much they drive, according to a report from San Francisco television station KTVU. As with similar services that have been introduced in the past, this one – known as Metromile – uses a device that tracks mileage and relays the necessary information to the insurer; drivers are then charged between three and five cents per mile. The service already exists in three other states (Washington, Oregon, and Illinois).

    At what point does this become affordable?
    Based on that number, there is obviously a certain amount that every client of this company can drive before they start to pay more for the new insurance than what they might have had in the past, the report said. While this will obviously vary from one person to the next, there is a solid benchmark in place for the vast majority of drivers overall.

    “[T]his is a much fairer way of pricing for car insurance,” Metromile chief executive Dan Preston told the station. “The crossing point is typically about 12,000 miles. So, if you drive under that, you’ll save money.If you drive over that, you’ll end up paying more

    The insurance agents who tend to have the most success overall are often those who can best connect with their clients through high-quality customer service, rather than just being able to find them the occasional discount. It’s for this reason that being able to find a reasonable balance between providing affordability and building a solid relationship that allays concerns about costs is likely going to be the best way to achieve high levels of customer retention and might even attract more business in the end.