New SAIS Platform Features

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  • New Superior Access Insurance Platform

    As of August 1, 2016, Superior Access released updates to many of the features of its online quoting platform. Here’s a peak at the new changes you can expect to see next time you log-into the agent quoting system.


    You were previously unable to get rates on the SAIS platform with certain discounts applied. This may have caused a delay in closing the sale as you had to submit the risk to Superior Access and allow time for our underwriters to apply the discount.

    One of the new features allows you to quote Defensive Driver, Good Student and Account Credit through the platform. This means that you can now get a more accurate rate with discounts applied, making it easier to close the sale with your customers. Both Defensive Driver and Good Student will include new questions within the interview on the operator screen. They are yes/no questions and eligibility will still need to be determined during the bind process. Account Credit will be applied automatically when a home/auto quote is submitted together. These discounts will be reflected in the overall rate presented on the Platform results page but will not be broken out individually until a quote proposal from the carrier is generated by Superior Access.

    You are able to get back to your customers quicker and more efficiently because you will no longer have to ask an underwriter to apply the discounts. Instead, you’ll get real time rates back to close the sale.

    Pacific Specialty DP3 TX & CA

    You previously did not receive any rates on the Platform for DP3 products in CA and TX. You needed to take an extra step to submit the case offline in order for us to quote it manually in the carrier site after you complete the application in the Platform.

    Our new feature allows you to receive Pacific Specialty rates in the Platform in the states of CA and TX for both HO3 and DP3 making it easier to speak with your client and close the sale. Pacific Specialty is one of our more inclusive carriers. They offer great benefits such as flexibility with distance to brush, animal liability exclusion, and will write policies for homes that have had no prior insurance.

    Copy Quote

    You were previously unable to save variations of quotes in the Platform to do compare shopping for your client. If your client wanted to see rates with different deductibles, the original quote you completed would be overwritten with the latest quote. It could take hours to get all of the quotes, which can lead to your client going elsewhere.

    The new Copy Quote feature gives you the ability to see the premium impact for different quote scenarios that you will be able to discuss immediately with your clients. This new beneficial feature allows you to create an exact duplicate of the existing quote, which then can be modified as needed to give your client even more options. The ability to make a copy of the original quote and make variations of quotes to compare rates before submitting bind requests will be a huge time saver for both you and your clients.

    You will be able to see all quote versions from the “My Clients” tab. (Copy Quote Feature Guidelines).

    Superior Access is always improving in order to give you and your clients the best service. The new features released will give you additional options for your clients while making the process easier and more streamlined for you.