You’re licensed. Now what?

Now it’s time to grow your business and sell insurance! Superior Access is the all-in-one solution for both new and existing independent agents with industry-leading features to simplify your business operations and support customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Superior Access Benefits

  • Real time, comparative rater quoting for Personal & Commercial markets
  • Custom built website for your agency
  • Quote multiple carriers with a single submission
  • Nationwide access to over 50 carriers and 120 different lines of business
  • Lead generating “Quote Button” and white-labeled quote interview available to your clients 24/7
  • 100% book ownership
  • Local search listings and management
  • No long-term contract
  • Mobile device support across all platforms
  • Online forms – no more print and fax!
  • No production or volume requirements
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Superior YOU: Independent Agent Resources

Business Plans

Before your company even begins, you need to develop the insurance agency business plan in full to be prepared for practically anything.

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Lead Generation

How do insurance agents get leads? If you’ve recently launched an insurance agency or have hit a rough patch, then you’ll probably be looking for ways to connect with customers.

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Start an Agency

Running your own insurance agency gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility - but where do you start? Here’s a quick guide.

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