North Carolina Mobile Home Owners May See Premiums Rise

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  • The state of home insurance costs has been a major issue in North Carolina for some time now, as its regulatory body recently rejected many proposed rate hikes that would have averaged about 25 percent. However, it now seems as though at least some residents could feel a significant pinch if they own a mobile home, and experts say this could be an issue for those residents. Certainly, this will necessitate that insurance agents call their clients who may live in mobile homes and explain to them what the situation is and what they can do to better protect themselves financially.

    As soon as this August, the amount that some mobile home owners in North Carolina have to pay for their home insurance could rise by more than one-fifth, according to a report from the Lincoln Times News. The state’s Rate Bureau is currently reviewing proposed changes for the coming year, and while one rate request would actually cut them 0.8 percent on a statewide basis for one type of mobile home, those with another type would face increases of 20.5 percent.

    What can be done?
    As it did last year, the state will likely hold a public hearing on the proposed rate changes, the report said. Moreover, just because a proposed increase is approved doesn’t necessarily mean that insurers will actually implement it for all homeowners.

    “It will be up to the individual insurance companies to raise that rate,” Jamie Houser, a local insurance agent, told the newspaper. “Upon being implemented, it simply means that a company can raise that specific rate up to the amount approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.”

    Rising rates are certainly going to be a point of concern for just about any homeowner, and when it comes to people who may not have even middling incomes, the added cost can be additionally troublesome. However, the ability of an insurance agent to explain why premiums are rising and what these people might be able to do to bring them back down again can go a long way toward making people feel better about their coverage overall. Good customer service is often more important to people than simply being able to save money on their plans, so striking a solid balance here can be key for keeping customer satisfaction and retention rates high.