Officials Urge Consumers to Evaluate Insurance Needs

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  • The issues related to insurance that affect millions of Americans’ lives change often, but the unfortunate fact is that many people who experience these shifts do not always take the time to change their coverage along with them. For instance, those who have a child for the first time might not do more to alter their policies in a way that will better be able to financially protect them. Consequently, it might be important for insurance agents to remind people of the reasons why reviewing their various policies on occasion is a good idea.

    The start of the new year is often a smart time for consumers to take the time to review their insurance information and see if the coverage they’re paying for matches their real-world needs, according to a report from the office of John Doak, the insurance commissioner for the state of Oklahoma. For instance, those who got married or divorced over the course of 2014 will likely have seen their financial situations change dramatically, and as a consequence, reviewing their home or auto insurance policies to see whether they can do anything to make their coverage more advantageous can go a long way.

    Other impactful changes
    Meanwhile, those who moved or had changes made to their home – such as building a garage or another type of addition – are not going to be properly covered by the same type of home coverage they had previously, the report said. For this reason, they might want to look at what they have and what they need, comparing and contrasting the two to find out exactly which type of coverage they’re going to have to get to make sure they’re as protected as possible going forward.

    The more insurance agents can do to make sure their clients understand the issues at hand, as well as what they can do to ensure they’re up-to-date with their needs across various coverage types, the better off both sides of the equation are likely to be. In fact, that kind of hands-on dealing can often go a long way toward engendering a much better relationship between agent and customer, because good service is often valued more highly even than cutting costs for coverage on occasion. With this in mind, agents who can strike the best balance will probably have the best customer service and even retention ratings.