Ohio Touts Low Home and Auto Insurance Rates

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  • In recent years, many Americans have started to grow concerned with the cost of their various types of insurance, but especially with those for auto and home coverage. However, many states have recently started to make greater efforts to assure their residents of some amount of cost control on these types of plans, and it seems that Ohio has had some considerable success in this regard. Agents who work in the state might even see a little more business coming their way thanks to a recent encouragement from one of the state’s top officials.

    On a national basis, Ohio has some of the lowest insurance rates for both home and auto plans, and the combined cost of these is some $500 below the national average, according to a report from the office of Mary Taylor, the state’s lieutenant governor and director of the Ohio Department of Insurance. On average, home insurance in the Buckeye State is 11th-lowest in the country at $635 annually, while auto plans are ninth-lowest at $725.

    “Ohio continues to have a competitive insurance market allowing consumers to find the insurance coverage that best meets their needs at some of the lowest prices in the country,” Taylor said. “I urge Ohio consumers to use the services of an insurance agent and shop around for coverage that best insures their risks and also fits their budget.”

    What can people do?
    Taylor also recommends that people who are looking for more affordable coverage also think about the ways in which they might be able to do so without skimping on the quality of their plans, the report said. For instance, they might be able to raise their deductibles or ask their agents about discounts for which they might be able to qualify as a means of bringing down their premiums.

    Certainly, this endorsement of the benefits of using an insurance agent can go a long way for those working in the field, especially when it comes to attracting new clients. However, once these people show some interest, it’s often on the agent to demonstrate their own value, and that should include not only the ability to provide lower costs, but also high-quality customer service. Consumers actually tend to value the latter more so than the former, and as a consequence it may be beneficial to strike a good balance between these two ideas.