SAIS Let’s You Say YES to Your Customers

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    When customers are told no, it leads them to have to find another source to purchase insurance through. Some companies may offer auto insurance, but not renters insurance, and now the customer needs to find another company to purchase renters insurance from. For customer ease and increased business to you, it’s best to offer a wide variety of insurance solutions.

    Having to Tell Your Customers “No”

    Situations arise where you’ll need to tell your customers “no”. Not every insurance company offers every line of insurance. Not every independent agent has access to quotes from a variety of companies. Customers may have to be told no:

    • If they request a fast turn around and you are not able to deliver in time, such as the customer being at a dealer and needing an ID card then and there.
    • If the customer asks for a line of business you don’t currently support, such as Pet Insurance.
    • If the customer requests a carrier product that you are not appointed for, such as a customer starting a new business.
    • If the customer requests multiple quotes.

    Say “YES” With SAIS

    Superior Access is the ultimate support tool for the independent insurance agent. We are the single source you will need for your personal, commercial and specialty insurance lines. We will be there for you so that you are able to be there for your customers. With the help of Superior Access, you’ll be able to say YES to your customers.

    Superior Access provides both markets and products for you to utilize in order to provide your customers with the insurance solutions that they are seeking. Our service helps you from finding markets to processing renewals and everything in between. At your disposal is our Underwriting team, whom is comprised of highly qualified individuals with insurance carrier experience. Our IT Team keeps our systems up to date in order to keep us ahead of the curve.

    We provide the resources in order for you to keep your customers satisfied and deliver the quotes and policies they are looking for. Our website and rater give your customers options to select from to fit their needs the best. Our service department assists you with any questions or changes you may need. With the help and support of Superior Access, you will be able to tell your customers YES.

    To learn more about the benefits of using Superior Access, please visit