Tips for Increasing Your Agency Visibility on Social Media

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    Social media is great marketing tool, but there are so many platforms it can be difficult to know which social media site will be most effective at engaging future and current customers. Most small businesses, such as independent insurance agencies, agree that social media is an important marketing tool, but don’t know if their efforts are effective. Understanding the basics can help you get started with a solid social marketing strategy that increases your agency visibility.

    • According to marketing agencies active in the social media space, investing in social marketing improves traction at a much lower cost than more traditional forms of advertising. [i]
    • Facebook is the most used social media platform by small businesses (90%), but nearly half plan to increase their investments in Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.[ii]
    • The majority of small businesses (43%) share content on social media channels several times a day, while fewer companies share once a day (23%) or weekly (27%).[iii]
    • Facebook’s marketing power beats all other social media channels, reaching 2 billion users and giving businesses the ability to target campaigns to specific demographics, including age groups, interests and geographies.[iv]
    • Finding and building new customer relationships is the intent of most small businesses (39%) when enacting a social media strategy, with 32% seeking to drive more customers to their website.[v]

    Social Media Marketing

    Marketing on social media can take up to a year or more to see results. The longer an agency puts efforts toward social media marketing, the more effective it is.

    As with any marketing tool, you need to have a strategy for developing content and engaging traffic. Since social media marketing is time-consuming and can be challenging for small agencies, it’s wise to select two or three channels to focus your efforts. Determine your target audience and where they are most likely to spend time, then start developing and sharing content that appeals to your customers.

    For 2018, visual marketing is expected to rise, so videos are likely to promote engagement. Blogs are also effective if they offer your customers relevant advice on the most pressing issues they face when researching or buying insurance.

    To make social media marketing easier to manage, familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade. Hootsuite, Sprout and Buffer are examples of  tools that can automatically post for you, allowing you to devise an early marketing plan and then schedule posts in advance.

    Another great way to engage with your audience is by sharing  testimonials from long-term customers. When you receive positive feedback, ask if you can share it in your social media efforts. Most satisfied customers are happy to help you promote your agency.

    To ensure you’re reaching your current customers as well as new ones, add your social media icons to your website and email signatures. Always mention your social media channels as viable options for engaging with customers when you speak with them and encourage them to follow you for news, updates and relevant information.

    Last, always check your analytics to watch results from campaigns. See which posts have generated the most interaction, with a focus on your target metrics.  Monitor what type of content does well and don’t be afraid to tweak your strategy.

    Last, don’t forget that social media is an engagement tool meant to foster relationships. Don’t forget to interact with customers who comment, like and share your content to build stronger connections.

    For more information about using social media in insurance, contact the experts at Superior Access. We have a variety of online tools for insurance agencies to help you manage your business and client data.

    Interested in learning more? See why it’s important for you to be visible online as an independent agent.

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