Growing your business shouldn’t feel like a climb to the top of Mount Everest.

With an expansive market network of personal and commercial products, as well as the tools you need to simplify workflows, Superior Access is making it easier to attract customers and increase revenue:

  • One application to quote multiple products and receive comparative rates side-by-side.
  • Electronic quote requests are automatically queued and sent for underwriting ensuring fast turnarounds.
  • Our "Quote Button" allows customers to research rates right from your website.
  • Our enhanced agency management system logs and prioritizes leads, including those from the "Quote Button" and alerts you to follow-up opportunities.

With a robust market network of product options and convenient online quoting right from your website, your customers have no need to go anywhere else. AND, it all comes with knowledgeable agency support, industry-leading commissions, and no broker fees or volume requirements. Best of all, you own your book of business. Find the right plan for you here.

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