Teens May Now Be Looking for Auto Insurance Discounts

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  • Now that September is here, many students may be hitting the road for college or making some other big changes in their lives, and that could include trying to reduce some of the costs they face regularly. As such, they might now be looking for ways to cut their auto insurance premiums, which may not be easy simply because of how teen drivers are perceived. Insurance agents who can help them not only find a discount here and there, but also assist them to better understand what else they can do to help themselves in this regard, might find that their relationships with those customers specifically can improve.

    The latest data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that teenagers get in three times as many accidents as non-teens, and therefore, it might be extremely difficult for these young drivers to find affordable coverage, according to a report from the Motley Fool. However, there are certainly ways for teens cut their costs every once in a while.

    What discounts may be available?
    Perhaps the best-known discounts for teenagers are those granted to good students by many insurers, the report said. This one is pretty simple: If a kid can provide a good report card to their insurer, they might see their auto premiums drop considerably. But other ways to keep costs down exist as well. Obviously, the best way to do this is to simply make sure to drive as safely as possible and never get into accidents; that alone can be the biggest determiner of what teens pay. So too can the type of car they drive (better safety ratings mean more savings), or whether their coverage is attached to their family members’ existing plans. Parents might also want to help their kids to attend additional driver safety training, which could further reduce their premiums in some states.

    Insurance agents should always try to be prepared for consumers’ questions about their coverage and the ways in which they can improve it. When it comes to teenagers and those in their early 20s, especially, any advice that can be offered – and any discounts found – may go a long way toward making them feel better about both their coverage and their driving ability. That, in turn, could significantly improve customer retention rates for drivers who want to make sure they can stay covered at the most affordable prices when it’s appropriate.