What Happens When Auto Insurance Needs to Cover Non-Standard Claims?

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  • When consumers think about their auto insurance coverage, they might only consider the ways in which their carriers might cover them when they get into an accident, or their vehicles are broken into. However, auto insurance can, in certain circumstances, also cover cars that have been damaged by flooding or other events that many people may not expect. Because of this potential disconnect between consumer perceptions and reality, it might be wise for insurance agents to talk to people about the wide variety of things their plans might cover, which might further add to their satisfaction with their policies.

    Flooding can happen in many parts of the country during the summer months because heavy rains can lead to swelling rivers and standing water, even in places that aren’t often affected very deeply by these incidents, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press. Therefore, agents should try to make sure that consumers who find their cars stuck in a lot of water are aware that they may need to contact their auto insurers as soon as possible after discovering the problem.

    What else to do?
    Once the company has been contacted, consumers should try to get to their cars and move them as quickly as they’re able, which may not always be easy given the water levels, the report said. But, whether that includes trying to drive it out of deep water or simply calling a tow truck to help pull it out, the sooner it’s pulled out of the water, the less likely it will be to suffer irreparable damage. More problematically, though, is that a flooded car may not present a wide variety of problems all at once, but others may crop up later. As such, insurance agents should also try to talk to drivers about what is – and isn’t – covered for this kind of future damage as well.

    Consumers have long faced rising costs for their auto insurance coverage, and therefore, having a little more confidence when they know that they’re being covered for a wide variety of things, not just one or two. Agents who can provide that kind of assurance will likely be able to significantly increase customer satisfaction overall, and that, in turn, can lead to better customer retention. Being able to mix in some discounts here and there as well could further improve the situation.