What Will Increase Home Insurance Costs Most?

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  • Consumers across the country pay for all kinds of things that they may not even consider to be part of their home insurance liability, but which can dramatically drive up the costs they face every year when it comes to paying these premiums. As such, it might be wise for insurance agents to do more to educate people about what will, and will not, bring their coverage costs up.

    Perhaps the largest of these policy price inflators that many homes across the country may have is a swimming pool, according to a report from Fox Business. These can be expensive to begin with, but the amount of money they may tack onto a home insurance bill is likewise considerable, simply because of how much it will raise a homeowner’s liability. The chance of injury or even death suffered on a property goes up considerably when a pool is installed. As such, policies must be beefed up to cover the added risk. Insurers typically also require that consumers install fences and other security measures, further adding to the costs.

    The same is actually true of homes which border bodies of water, for similar reasons, the report said. The view over a lake, stream, pond, or river might be nice for homeowners, but it brings with it greater risk of injury as well. Even beyond that, though, it’s important for owners to keep in mind that they could likewise face greater risk of flood damage, and that may end up significantly boosting their home insurance costs.

    What else can be a problem?
    Another less common type of home feature that may boost insurance costs is a trampoline, the report said. Data shows that there are about 100,000 accidents per year related to trampolines, and often these hit children the most. Some states don’t even allow these features to be covered by home insurance costs, and neither do some insurers. As such, consumers who own them will have to seek out policies that will cover them, and pay a higher price for doing so.

    Insurance agents will certainly have to do more to educate their policyholders about what is increasing their liability, because if prices are too high, they may end up shopping elsewhere for coverage. The more people understand about what goes into setting their premiums, the better off they may be when it comes to being satisfied with their situations.