Why All Agents Need a Market Access Provider

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    Why do P&C Insurance Agents Need an Online Market Platform?

    Today’s property and casualty insurance industry is competitive. If agents aren’t growing their book of business, they are falling behind. In order to increase customer acquisition and retention, agents need the right tools to efficiently handle the dynamic risk profiles of customers and carrier appetites. Customers love convenience — and so do you. By having an online business platform that integrates brand-quoting engines, you and your clients will have easy access to research insurance options and discover relevant information regarding those choices.

    • It’s not just about the Markets – You need Product Selection too

    Market access is huge as an independent insurance agent. If you don’t have a large access to markets, you won’t be able to provide as many quotes to your customers. But offering several markets is just the ticket into the game. If you don’t have access to other products like Toys, or classic cars, or even Event or Pet insurance, you’re just pushing your client into the hands of another agent. Get in the game and start with a full P&C offering. You can no longer stay on the side line and tell your customer “no sorry I don’t carry that”. Get ahead by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

    • Wow – The Customer Loves it

    A bigger portion of customer satisfaction in the shopping experience is derived from the complete fulfillment factor—that euphoria of finding everything in one simplified experience. Retail kings fulfill this need by offering an expansive array of merchandise. With the right digital distribution platform, agents can now do the same, bundling their products with those from other insurers to meet the complete needs of the customer. A leading platform even goes a step further, alerting the agent to potential coverage the consumer may need to mitigate hidden risk, in the end improving their effectiveness in customer acquisition and retention. It’s all about fulfilling customer needs in a way that boosts satisfaction and encourages long-term loyalty.

    • Bring on the Technology

    Automating the buying experience is a big gain for the Agent and the customer. The platform needs to connect easily to back-end systems, giving agents the ability to enter information once, as well as the customer-pleasing power of prefill capabilities that auto-completes application fields based on basic information from the consumer. Prefill capabilities and automation alone have been responsible for cutting agency costs and reducing time spent on administrative tasks. You need Efficiency and Effectiveness.

    • Superior Features

    Superior Access Online Market Platform prides itself on delivering timely updates in order to keep our Platform running with the latest technology. Our Platform beats out competitors by offering the features that will help you be a more efficient agent faster thanks to our dedicated technology team.
    Our simple layout makes it easy for you to stay on top of your business. Rather than searching to see if a customer has a renewal approaching, we alert you in advance so you can be prepared to offer a renewal. We also offer alerts for any other notice that requires immediate attention. If you do need to search for customer information, our simply layout allows you to see all of your policies by line of business, carrier and client so you can spend less time searching for information in the Platform and more time quoting customers.

    • Superior Products on top of Markets

    Superior Access not only has top markets like The Hartford, Travelers, MetLife, Progressive, and Safeco, we also have products to offer beyond any of our competitors. The products you will have access to include the personal lines standards of Auto, Home, Apartment, Condo. On top of those, we go above and beyond by offering Motor Home, Mobile Home, Flood, Motorcycle, Boat, Golf Cart, and even Bicycle and Event insurance.
    Commercial offerings include Business Owners Protection, Inland Marine, Commercial Auto Workers Comp, Errors and Omissions Director and Officers, and more.
    With one Platform, the Superior Access platform, your Agency has just become a one-stop-shop for every customer need, and all of it available through one single sign-on

    • Superior Support

    What good is having a great Platform if you don’t have support if you run into an issue? We have underwriters, agency services and tech representatives available to help you. Our team wants to make sure that you are able to provide superior service to your customers.

    • Your Day Just Got Easier

    By streamlining customer interactions, and offering a greater variety of products, agents are positioned to meet the full coverage needs of the client, grow their book of business, and secure lifetime customers. With the right Online Market platform, new customer acquisition just might become the easiest part of an agent’s day.

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